A Virals Novel, #4

I was so happy to be able to review Exposure. With the ending of book three, Code, I was dying to read the next one. I am a huge fan of Reichs and have enjoyed everything she has written. I am very pleased to announce that book four of the Virals series doesn't disappoint. In this one Tory and her friends Ben, Shelton, Hi, and of course her dog get in all kinds of mischief. In Exposure the Virals are still adjusting to their powers. It has only been a few months since they were infected with that strain of parvovirus. Tory is attracting more male attention while the boys have the same effect with the females. And as Virals are being kidnapped Tory and her friends try to figure out what is going on while staying under the radar. Which is much harder than it should be.

I loved this book the most so far. Tory and the boys are such great characters and this book was so well thought out. I didn't find any holes or inconstancies with the story. This a really fun series that I believe all lovers of science fiction and fantasy will love. It was a very fast read even though it has almost 450 pages. And I can't not express enough for this author to keep writing this series. As it would be sad to see it go. I really can't wait for book 5.

Book Blurb for Exposure

Another thrilling Virals adventure from New York Times bestsellers Kathy and Brendan Reichs.

When twin classmates are abducted from Bolton Prep, Tory and the Virals decide there’s no one better equipped than them to investigate. But the gang has other problems to face. Their powers are growing wilder, and becoming harder to control. Chance Claybourne is investigating the disastrous medical experiment that twisted their DNA. The bonds that unite them are weakening, threatening the future of the pack itself.

The Virals must decipher the clues and track down a ruthless criminal before he strikes again, all while protecting their secret from prying eyes. And everyone seems to be watching.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00