Dirty Wings

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Dirty Wings

Well I'm sad to say that this one didn't go over any better than book one for me. It was the same old pointless no plot story with a twisted friendship. This one says that it is a retelling of Persephone, but I couldn't find any similarities between the two.

The best thing about this book were the two characters. I loved learning about the moms from book one. But, the story/plot didn't give them anything to work with. So it ended up being boring and pointless.

Although this is book two in a series it can be read as a standalone story. You won't feel like you're missing out or anything.

Book Blurb for Dirty Wings

In Dirty Wings by Sarah McCarry, Maia is a teenage piano prodigy and dutiful daughter, imprisoned in the oppressive silence of her adoptive parents' house like a princess in an ivory tower. Cass is a street rat, witch, and runaway, scraping by with her wits and her knack for a five-fingered discount. When a chance encounter brings the two girls together, an unlikely friendship blossoms that will soon change the course of both their lives. Cass springs Maia from the jail of the only world she's ever known, and Maia's only too happy to make a break for it. But Cass didn't reckon on Jason, the hypnotic blue-eyed rocker who'd capture Maia's heart as soon as Cass set her free--and Cass isn't the only one who's noticed Maia's extraordinary gifts. Is Cass strong enough to battle the ancient evil she's unwittingly awakened--or has she walked into a trap that will destroy everything she cares about?  In this time, like in any time, love is a dangerous game.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 2.50