Defender is one book that is a little out there. It has the topic of a girl who finds a dead body, but her father doesn’t believe her. Tiny is a 6ft 6in woman. Her boyfriend is much shorter. They head out to find out what happened.

This book is full of family secrets, the city slums, and a predictable who done it plot. Although we do pretty much figure out who did the deed before the ending it’s the way and then the how that was more scary and well very, very, sobering and a bit of a wow surprise.

The characters were OK at best. I think they could have used a little more polishing. But they worked well for this story. This story is very story mystery driven.

If you love reading mystery books where the how and why is more important than the who, then pick up this book.

Book Blurb for Defender

From the Edgar Award­–winning author of Acceleration comes a mystery about an old murder and new truths, perfect for fans of Barry Lyga, Madeleine Roux, and Michelle Gagnon.


They call her Tiny, but Tyne Greer is six foot six, a high school basketball star who is hoping the game will be her ticket out of the slum. She lives in a run-down building called The Zoo, where her father is the superintendent. One day she discovers a crack in the wall of an abandoned basement room. And sealed up in the wall is a girl’s body. Horrified, she runs to get her dad. But after he goes to take a look, he comes back and tells Tyne that nothing’s there. No girl. No body. He tells her she must be seeing things in the dark.


Tyne is sure it was real, though, and when she finds evidence that the body was moved from the hole in the wall, she knows the only one who could have done it is her father. But why? What is he hiding?


Tyne’s search for answers uncovers a conspiracy of secrets and lies in her family. The closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for her. Because some will do anything to bury the past . . . and keep her silent.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.00