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Guess what, it’s Endy Again!

I have been on a roll with reading lately and “Bounce” was really good.

What would it be like to get a new family each day? Would that family be better than the last? Would it be better than the one you were born with or ended up with? Well these are the questions that are answered in this really funny book. I really loved this authors other book “The Swap”. So I was really happy to read “Bounce”. But instead of a Feaky Friday type story we get one where Frannie gets tossed into a new family each day. “Bounce” will get you laughing, crying, and raining the cheers while Frannie finds what she is looking for.

This book has a lot of different kinds of characters. I had to ask my mom what word would describe that. The word is diverse and I was happy to meet them all.

“Bounce” is a great ride that I recommend to readers who aren't happy with what they have been dealt in life.

Book Blurb for Bounce

The author of The Swap, which is coming soon as a Disney Channel Original Movie, delivers another hilarious, heartwarming, and empowering story about a girl who relives the same day over and over again—each time as someone new. Megan Shull's new novel is perfect for fans of Wendy Mass, Holly Goldberg Sloan, and Meg Cabot.

Seventh grader Frannie Hudson wonders what it would be like to trade in her family for a new one. Her big brother ignores her. Her mean older sister can’t stand her. And her parents have just announced they’re going on a last-minute vacation—without her.

When Frannie makes one desperate, crazy wish—BOOM!—she magically bounces into a whole new life, with a totally different family. And. It. Is. Amazing! There’s only one catch: waking up as someone else keeps happening. Plunged into lives and adventures she’s only imagined—from being a pop star to meeting one super-cute boy—Frannie finds courage in the unforgettable friends and families she meets along the way. But as her new life spins out of control, Frannie begins to worry if she’ll ever get back home.

A celebration of the power of love and connection, Megan Shull’s extraordinary new novel captures one girl’s journey to find her voice, heal her heart, and discover the joy of bouncing back.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00