Blue Autumn Cruise

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Blue Autumn Cruise

Sisters in All Seasons

I had to snag books one and two from the used bookstore! You do not want to read this unless you have read those first! I loved meeting the other family members. This book and series would be a great read for those in the middle to the lower teen to high middle school age. The Sisters in All Seasons series are fast reads and are filled with wonderful characters. These books will keep any girl entertained.

Book Blurb for Blue Autumn Cruise

It may take a miracle---or a hurricane---to save this family vacation. Stepsisters Stephanie and Diana undergo another adventure when they embark on a Grand Cayman cruise with their extended family to celebrate their grandmother's 80th birthday. But the vacation gets complicated with the addition of an eccentric Granny and a video-taping manic cousin. Plus Stephanie's growing interest in boys makes Diana's Mood-o-Meter swing like a pendulum. When the girls discover a plot to smuggle a rare, endangered Blue Iguana, Diana's fury rages to the surface and threatens to ruin the entire birthday party---or unite the clan for a rescue mission. The third installment of Sisters in All Seasons is full of humor, heartache, friendships, and very real family drama aboard a cruise-ship---where there's no escaping if you want to run away! Join Stephanie and Diana once again as they tread the wavering waters of step-sisterhood. Lisa Williams Kline is the author of Floods, The Princesses of Atlantis, Write Before Your Eyes, and Eleanor Hill, winner of the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award. She has written for Cricket, Cicada, Spider and Odyssey magazines, and lives in North Carolina with her veterinarian husband, where they are frequently visited by their grown daughters. Besides writing, Lisa has been a disc jockey, copywriter, waitress, and veterinary hospital office manager. Recently she learned to drive a forklift.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00