Beneath the Shine

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Beneath the Shine

I haven't had the best luck with Fine's young adult books, but I am determined to try them all since I’m die hard in love with her new adult series Reliquary. “Beneath the Shine” made me feel a little lost and a little well stupid if you really want to know. This book is for the tech lover and although I do love tech this one is for someone who understands it a little more.

The story was very good even if it did make me feel a little stupid. It made me think of “I Robot”. It’s set in a world where tech rules the world. It had some twists and turns and a great love interest. It did keep my interest, but I don't think it would be one that I would reread. At least for me.

Each character brought something new to the page and I enjoyed learning more about each of them. Marguerite was a little high maintenance for my tastes, but Percy I think rounds her out pretty well.

I really loved the action once the bad things start happening. “Beneath the Shine” is for the tech lover who is looking for an edge of your seat ride.

Book Blurb for Beneath the Shine

In a future United States where those who control technology control the wealth, seventeen-year-old Marguerite’s viral video propels a populist candidate to presidential victory on a platform of “tech for all.” But as the mouthpiece of the new leader determined to break the elite stronghold, Marguerite finds herself on the opposite side of the divide in a new high school full of technocrat teens.

When the enigmatic Percy, with his flamboyant fashion sense, sharp wit, and tragic past, takes an interest in her, she is suspicious. But with everyone against her, she needs an ally. Percy is drawn to Marguerite’s passion for the cause, but the legacy of his murdered scientist parents prevents him from letting her get too close.

Soon terrorists strike the capital and technocrat leaders begin turning up dead, and the two must work together to protect both their families and the country. With everyone literally plugged into technology, total domination will take only a flip of the switch. In order to preserve their freedom and the future Marguerite envisions, she and Percy may be forced to pay the ultimate price.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00