Below the Surface

A Code of Silence Novel

Ok so this was even better than the others and I am so sad to see the series end. I hope that the author gets a new contract and we get to see more of these guys. We finally get out onto the Getaway! Yup that boat in book one! It has been restored and is ready to depart. This one is situated around the last summer before they hit high school. I would really love to see what the author has in store for these kids there!!

I really think that these kids are going to need some counseling after all these events they have been through. And I have noticed that nowhere in these books do the parents ever really talk to the kids about what has happened. I’m sure by this point they all have PTSD.

But all that aside this has got to be the best one yet. These books will drawl you in and you will want to read one right after the other. That is what I did. I still stand by my comment from book one that I think they lost a lot of fans by putting that Christian rating on it but I am glad I decided to read these.

The author has made some very well rounded characters and they each come into their own in this one. I think that Hiro is my favorite just because she has some really nice intuition going on. I don't think calling her somewhat of a psychic is a stretch. Cooper, Gordy, and Lunk round out the group very well. It was a nice mix and made this book great for all. The plot for this one is again very fast paced. It will keep you entertained and take you on the ride of your life.

These books are for both boys and girls and hey I'm almost 32 and I loved them. So ya they are for adults to! So click those links below and follow the tour, enter the giveaways, and hey go buy the books. You won't be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Below the Surface

Something is wrong with Cooper. He's plagued by a fear he doesn't understand and can't control. Cooper just wants to escape, and a summer vacation aboard the restored cabin cruiser, The Getaway, with best friends Gordy, Hiro, and Lunk seems like the perfect way to do it. Two weeks of fun---with no mysteries or life-and-death danger. That's the plan. But their plans are shattered the very first night when they witness a murder. Or did they? Despite their intentions of leaving the investigation to the police, narrow misses and creepy encounters lure them in. Is there really a body floating in the underwater currents of the lake? The closer they get to the truth, the deeper into danger they get. Too late they see the trap. Now each of them must face their own buried fears . . . just below the surface.

Age Level: 11 - 14

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00