A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic

This book was the Lake House - for kids! Just like in that book, the two people are from two different times and, in this story, two different places.

It was a great story about magic, friendship, and adventure. Without giving too much away, this one will sit well for middle grade girls as well as upper elementary school. It was fun learning about different cultures in a colorful way, and being on this imaginative journey with our characters. It is not one to miss.

Fans of fantasy and magic will love this highly unusual book about magic.

Book Blurb for A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic

Bestseller and author of the popular middle grade series Confectionately Yours Lisa Papademetriou is back with a magical, page-turning adventure for readers of all ages—a touching tale about destiny and the invisible threads that link us all, ultimately, to one another.

Kai and Leila are both finally having an adventure. For Leila, that means a globe-crossing journey to visit family in Pakistan for the summer; for Kai, it means being stuck with her crazy great-aunt in Texas while her mom looks for a job. In each of their bedrooms, they discover a copy of a blank, old book called The Exquisite Corpse. Kai writes three words on the first page—and suddenly, they magically appear in Leila's copy on the other side of the planet. Kai's words are soon followed by line after line of the long-ago, romantic tale of Ralph T. Flabbergast and his forever-love, Edwina Pickle. As the two take turns writing, the tale unfolds, connecting both girls to each other, and to the past, in a way they never could have imagined.

A heartfelt, vividly told multicultural story about fate and how our stories shape it.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00