A Clockwork Heart

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A Clockwork Heart

Chronicle of Light and Shadow, #2

A Clockwork Heart is book 2 in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series. I have to say that this one fails to make a good story. I loved book one and couldn’t wait to read book two. But this one fell so flat that I just had to stop reading! You could read this as a standalone and fair just fine. This story and plot doesn’t really stand at all! The characters fail to have real dialogue, which makes them fail in their story!

Book Blurb for A Clockwork Heart

FOR BETTER OR CURSE. That might as well have been the wedding vow of Elle Chance and her new husband, the ex-Warlock Hugh Marsh in the second book of this edgy new series that transforms elements of urban fantasy, historical adventure, and paranormal romance into storytelling magic.

As Elle devotes herself to her duties as the Oracle—who alone has the power to keep the dark designs of Shadow at bay—Marsh finds himself missing the excitement of his former life as a Warlock. So when Commissioner Willoughby of the London Metropolitan police seeks his help in solving a magical mystery, Marsh is only too happy to oblige. But in doing so, Marsh loses his heart . . . literally.

In place of the flesh-and-blood organ is a clockwork device—a device that makes Marsh a kind of zombie. Nor is he the only one. A plague of clockwork zombies is afflicting London, sowing panic and whispers of revolution. Now Elle must join forces with her husband’s old friend, the Nightwalker Loisa Beladodia, to track down Marsh’s heart and restore it to his chest before time runs out.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 2.50