My Life Undecided

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My Life Undecided

From falling down a mine shaft when she was two to setting fire to her mother's new showhome, Brooklyn Pierce seems to make only bad decisions. So she starts a blog and turns her decisions over to her readers. Should she try out for rugby? Seventy-three per cent say yes. Should she join debate club? Fifty-two voters say yes. Should she sneak out of the house to attend a club opening with a Southern hottie? Ninety-one per cent say no. Though her voters seem to be making painful (see rugby) and boring (see extra credit field trip) decisions, Brooklyn's parents are happy she is completing her court mandated community service and adding credentials for her college application. Brooklyn is also making new friends, since she was dumped by her former best friend, the queen bee of the school, and getting extra sleep now that she doesn't have such a grueling daily beauty regime.

My Life Undecided is very similar to Crimes of the Sarahs, where the protagonist makes terrible choices under the influence of her so-called friends. By the end of the book, Brooklyn is still looking for validation for her decisions, but she makes a pivotal decision to pursue pursue friendship instead of popularity. The blog premise is timely and Brooklyn is often a victim of misadventure which leads to several instances of uncomfortable celebrity. Predictable and with a common theme of not all of our friends have our best interests at heart, My Life Undecided is still charming and critical of celebrity and popularity.

Book Blurb for My Life Undecided

When she was two years old, Brooklyn chased a lizard down an abandoned mine shaft and it took rescue workers forty-eight hours to pull her to safety while America watched on live television. Now that she's fifteen, Brooklyn's judgment hasn't improved much. Tired of living with the consequences of her bad decisions, Brooklyn starts an anonymous blog and leaves it up to her readers to choose which book she should read for English class, whether she should join the debate team, or if she should try out for rugby. No questions asked...But when her blog readers make a choice that she knows will do more harm than good, Brooklyn sets off on her own.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00