Love For Christmas

For a job well done, Ellie is rewarded with a Christmas trip to a luxurious hotel in the Quebec Laurentians. At the hotel, Ellie meets her former husband Nick, who seems to love her just as much as she still loves him. Considering the obstacles, can they reconcile for Christmas?

This is old school romance with a wealthy, successful hero, sweet matron, and vile mistress. It also includes the flaws of old school romances such as predictable plot, whiplash inflicting twists of dialogue and extraneous adjectives that should have been shot on sight. However, if you like the old school style where the virtuous matron wins her handsome, wealthy but oblivious lover from a scheming cow, Love for Christmas will appeal.

Book Blurb for Love For Christmas

Nick and Ellie have been divorced for two years, due to the vicious machinations of Monique, his secretary.

When they meet, accidentally, at a hotel in the Quebec countryside, they begin to resolve their differences.

Suddenly Monique appears. Was she there at Nick's invitation, as she tells Ellie, or is she stalking Nick?

How can Ellie be sure Nick is serious about her?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.00