Last Stop

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Last Stop

Watchers #1

After a long and inexplicable illness, David's father suddenly vanished. David's mother has not given up looking for him and continues to make TV appeals to find her husband, but David suspects that he has seen his father. The other option is that David may be succumbing to the same illness that took his father and eroded his mind. When David has an inexplicable vision on the train, David has to wonder if his strange vision was real, or just another symptom of the illness that took his father.

Considering the novel's brevity, the author manages to keep the story tight and on track. David's concerns, are his visions real or the sign of illness, are well managed by the author. Since this is possibly the beginning of a series, the author also hints at the mysterious machinations of a hidden party whose role may be revealed in another installment. This will engage tween readers, since the protagonist is only thirteen, and the story is simply told with few characters and the author works on a brisk timeline from David's first vision to the resolution of this portion of the mystery.

Book Blurb for Last Stop

It’s been six months since David Moore’s father disappeared. After months of strange behavior—baby talk, forgetfulness—he simply vanished forever. The Public Guardians searched Franklin City, but they couldn’t turn up a single clue. David is beginning to give up hope when his subrail train stops between stations at the abandoned Granite Street platform. On the other side of the glass he sees a crowd of people. In the middle is his father, waving.

When a psychic suggests that David may have the power to see into another dimension, he and his friends scour the city in search of a portal to the other side. To learn if his father is alive or dead, David will need to discover the secrets of the abandoned station.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50