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An Other Novel, #3

Foxfire is steeped in the magic and folklore of Japan, including its shapeshifters and shrine maidens which puts a multicultural spin on urban fantasy. This is also a book about lost and found parents, adoptive families and self discovery. The first person male protagonist will appeal to male readers of urban fantasy and YA readers with an interest in Japan.

Tavian has travelled to Japan with his girlfriend Gwen to spend Japanese New Year with his adoptive grandparents. On his first night he feels the presence of his biological mother, a trickster kitsune who abandoned him as a child. As soon as he feels his mother, he is pursued by faceless ghosts and his shapeshifting abilities go wonky. Tavian has to find both his mother and his father to participate in a naming ceremony to save his life.

Book Blurb for Foxfire

Tavian and Gwen race to find a magical cure in the third thrilling Other novel

Tavian has never forgotten his real mother, a shapeshifting Japanese fox spirit like him¬self, who abandoned him. On a trip to Japan, his homeland, he discovers that she's alive. But a faceless ghost warns Tavian to stay away from her. Even worse, Tavian's magi¬cal fox powers have vanished. Finding his mother in Tokyo's seamy underworld may be his only chance to beat back the vicious dog spirits stalking him and his girlfriend Gwen-and to recover from a fatal magical illness eroding his human side.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00