A Demon's Lure

1 Night Stand Series

A demon and an Under Huntress, two immortal enemies, meet in a Las Vegas hotel room for a one night stand, which was arranged by an immortal dating service. He is leaving the realm, moving to a world that is safe for demons, and she is at a crossroads, no longer sure that demon hunting is her calling.

Considering the length of Demon's Lure, the author is able to make a fairly believable connection between the two characters. They aren't really opposites because both are looking to change their lives and they meet at just the right time to set on a new path together. Short, sweet and with enough spicy lovemaking that it melts both their hearts, Demon's Lure is a good first entry in what appears to be the start of a new immortal matchmaking service series.

Book Blurb for A Demon's Lure

Davien is bidding the human realm adieu, having no reason to stay. Before he leaves, he craves a night of intense, exotic sex and dares Madame Eve to find an immortal willing to touch a demon. There is such a female, but she's an Under Huntress. A demon killer.

For Kara, sleeping with the enemy is beyond forbidden. It's something much stronger-tempting. Drawn to the rumors of their sexual prowess, Kara asks if there is a demon open to the possibility of spending a night with his enemy. The answer is yes and only she and the demon would ever know....

When bodies are bared and labels are forgotten, neither can deny their fates are sealed the moment they met.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00