Twelfth Night Secrets

Lady Harriet Devere has a secret life, that involves assisting her older brother Nick - who is following in his father's footsteps - with his missions as a British spy. However, when Nick is killed in battle, the life Harriet assumes is over, has actually hardly begun. Instead of discontinuing her secretive work, Lady Harriet is given her most important task to date, and one that comes with a steep price.

Instructed to keep a viligent watch over Julius Forsythe, Earl of Marbury, to determine if he is a double agent for the French, Lady Harriet is forced to spend Christmas with the Earl instead of her families normal routines and traditions.

Harriet expects danger with this mission, but passion ignites between them, Harriet realizes the danger is far worst than she feared. Her true love may be a spy for two sides, treasonous to one and the possible reason for her brothers death.

Though the synopsis lead me to believe Lady Harriet knew Julius and was involved with him prior to her mission, the truth is actually quite opposite, which was hard to overcome in terms of falling in love. I thought she would have quite a hatred for the man, one that possibly had something to do with her brothers death but nonetheless was highly favored to be guilty for treason, something her father, brother and she herself put their lives on the line to prevent. Given this storyline, this novel was quite short. The writing was well done in terms of flow and intrigue but, for me, it just wasn't developed far enough. I felt there was so much story left to be told, so much left unsaid. The premise has potential beyond what was given, which makes me feel the author didn't have much time to write this one.

Regardless, the story was a good read with an interesting plot, it just had more potential and plenty of story to tell, a story I wanted to read.

Book Blurb for Twelfth Night Secrets

A Christmas house party, a sexy lady spy, and an enigmatic earl spell holiday magic. Join New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather in this seductive story of spy and counterspy dueling beneath the mistletoe.

While others dance and flirt, Lady Harriet Devere has a secret life, assisting her older brother Nick with his duties as a British spy. When Nick is killed, however, Harriet assumes that her work passing coded messages to the Ministry of War will cease. Instead, she is charged with a vitally important mission: spend Christmas determining if Julius Forsythe, Earl of Marbury, is a double agent for the French.

Harriet expects danger, just not to her heart. . . . As the hostess of a holiday house party, she is perfectly placed to closely observe her noble guest—his elegant clothes, his penetrating dark eyes, his virile athletic build. But when passion flames between them, Harriet realizes that only a holiday miracle will allow her to find true love—in the arms of this spy who has come for Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.00