The Memory Thief

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The Memory Thief

Unique and well-written are two terms that describe this debut novel. Nestled in the pages of this book lies a story of life and death, love lost and love found and a promise that brings a story full of mystery and fulfillment.

Madeleine Kimble’s doesn't have a good feeling about her husband Aiden's upcoming climb. Though he's done this many times, this time is different, she knows it. When Aiden promises to return but dies during the climb in an accident, Maddie returns to the memory of his promise to return to her and their son, knowing he won't be keeping his promise.

Aiden’s best friend J.C. is guilt ridden over his inability to save Aiden, his grief and guilt fueled by his secret love for Maddie, a love that has lasted for years.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Sullivan wakes up in a hospital to find his memories have been wiped clean, and replaced with haunting dreams of a beautiful woman and a five year old boy. Both of whom he feels compelled to find. What and who he discovers upon his journey is utterly unexpected—promising to change all of their lives, especially Maddie’s.

What an original and unique novel this is. I loved the premise, a wife's intuition, a husband's love and a promise that transcends death to find it's way back to Maddie. I think the most compelling story line of this novel is the story of Nicholas Sullivan and his journey to Maddie. The idea of waking up without your memories and finding them replaced with those that are not your own is intriguing. I found myself sucked into this story. It's a beautiful debut and well-worth the read. You'll find yourself keeping tabs on this author in the future.

Book Blurb for The Memory Thief

In Emily Colin’s exquisite debut novel, perfect for the fans of Kristin Hannah, one man’s vow to his wife sparks a remarkable journey that tests the pull of memory and reaffirms the bonds of love.

Before Madeleine Kimble’s mountaineer husband, Aidan, climbs Mount McKinley’s south face, he makes her a solemn vow: I will come back to you. But late one night, Maddie gets the devastating news that Aidan has died in an avalanche, leaving her to care for their son—a small boy with a very big secret. The call comes from J.C., Aidan’s best friend and fellow climber, whose grief is seasoned with survivor’s guilt . . . and something more. J.C. has loved Maddie for years, but he never wanted his chance with her to come at so terrible a cost.

Across the country, Nicholas Sullivan wakes from a motorcycle crash with his memory wiped clean. Yet his dreams are haunted by visions of a mysterious woman and a young boy, neither of whom he has ever met. Convinced that these strangers hold the answers he seeks, Nicholas leaves everything behind to find them. What he discovers will require a leap of faith that will change all of their lives forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00