The End of Normal

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The End of Normal

A Wife's Anguish, A Widow's New Life

Before reading this title it is only fair to put all judgmental attitudes aside and go into it eyes wide open. Think for a moment of what it would be like if you were in the shoes of Stephanie. History shows us that it is possible to live with someone and be fooled for years, never knowing their deepest, darkest secrets. It is possible to be lied to, never knowing the real truth until after someone’s confession or worse, their death. A fair question to ask yourself before reading this is “How well do I know my in-laws?” Do you really know them so deeply that you know their work day in and out? Do you know each decision they are making? Do you know the same about your own parents? This memoir will leave you questioning trust and understanding an innocent side to a tragic story. Most of all, this memoir leaves the reader with a deep realization of the effects our actions have on others and how our society can hurt those who remain innocent in the wake of another’s scandal.

The actions of others reach far beyond what we can ever imagine. One person’s choice can make a ripple effect that can never completely heal. For Stephanie Madoff Mack, daughter-in-law of Bernard Madoff, life as she knew it ceased to be normal when her father-in-law confessed his Ponzi scheme and news of it broke everywhere. The shock that followed, hit no one worse that of his own family, a fact that many refuse to believe yet others know to be true.

Stephanie, who was married to Mark Madoff, son of Bernard Madoff, faced a large disruption to her idyllic life. Her life was thrown into the lime light, displayed for all to scrutinize and judge. Stephanie was dealing with hurt, mistrust and frustration, her husband who refused to see or talk to his parents, hanged himself on the second anniversary of his father’s incarceration. This is the story of their marriage as well as her life as part of the Madoff family and a widow raising her children alone.

This personal yet public tragedy is an emotional read. The reader joins Stephanie on a trip down memory lane as she shares the deep pain of her past, showing others exactly what it took to survive the scandal, her husband’s death and single parenthood. For those who have ever lost someone to suicide, judged those related to a criminal or wondered what it’s like to be so close to a situation, this book is for you. Heartbreaking, insightful and full of emotion, Stephanie’s story is a story of survival and hope in the midst of tragedy, a reminder to all the effects our actions can have on others.

Book Blurb for The End of Normal

A New York Times bestseller, the explosive and heartbreaking memoir from the widow of Mark Madoff and the daughter-in-law of Bernard Madoff

When the news of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme broke, no one was more shocked than the members of his own family. Before then, Madoff’s son, Mark, and daughter- in-law, Stephanie, had built an idyllic life. Yet, while Mark’s thriving business was entirely separate from his father’s now notorious fund, he and Stephanie found themselves in the eye of the storm—and grappling with their own sense of betrayal. Mark refused to see or speak to his parents, and on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest, he hanged himself.

Left to raise her children as a single mother, Stephanie tells the real story of her marriage to Mark, of being a part of the Madoff family, and of life for two years following her father-in-law’s arrest and incarceration. The End of Normal is a searing inside look at one of the most controversial stories of our time, and an extraordinary memoir of surviving personal tragedy amid public scandal.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00