The Windfall App

"The Windfall App" is a YA book by Teresa Richards. The main character is Marina Berghman, a classical piano prodigy with parents who’ve had her life mapped out since she was in diapers. But when Marina turns eighteen and buys a lottery ticket via the Windfall App, and actually wins, she thinks that she’ll be able to break away from her old life and start a new one where she’s in control, but her so called prize comes with string attached…

I absolutely love the cover for this book! It’s so quirky and cute! It’s one of the reasons why I actually clicked on the book and read the synopsis, and I’m glad I did. I actually had a fabulous time reading this book. The concept was somewhat original, and really captured my interest, and I had a blast while reading it.

Marina was a very cool and interesting character. I found her very complex, and I liked that she had multiple layers to her. That’s what made her feel so read to me. She was just come cookie-cutter character, but she had depth to her. The other characters were all interesting and entertaining.

The mystery itself was a real page-turner for me. Very intense and engaging. I actually read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. Everything just flowed and fit together well.

Overall, this was a wonderful book. The characters were all well-developed, and the writing was amazing. And the book cover was just AWESOME. To be honest, I think this book had a bit of everything—a captivating mystery with a dash of drama, a pinch of romance and tiny bits of chaos and fun. It was utterly perfect.

Book Blurb for The Windfall App

Marina Berghman is a classical piano prodigy, with parents who’ve had her life mapped out since she was in diapers. But their plan leaves no room for her secret love of alternative rock, or Sean, the edgy guitarist who recently moved to town.

When Marina buys a lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday via the new Windfall app, she expects it to be nothing more than a rite of passage. But she wins—the grand prize of five thousand dollars a day for life. Suddenly given the means to break free from a life she never felt in control of, she’s quick to cut her family ties and turn her back on everything she knows.

But her lottery win was no lucky break. Her prize comes with strings attached, and Marina soon finds herself at the center of someone else’s life or death game. When she discovers evidence linking her dad to the intrigue, she turns to Sean for help. But he’s harboring secrets of his own.

Now Marina must sort out who to trust and who’s pulling the strings, before her prize turns into a noose.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 5.00