The Holver Alley Crew

Streets of Maradaine, #1

"The Holver Alley Crew" is an Urban Fantasy about The Rynax brothers, who want to get on the straight and narrow and decide to open up a legitimate shop, but a great fire happens, ruining their hopes, dreams and future and they have to go back to their life of crime. As they delve deeper into illegal activity with their crew, who are others affected by the fire, one of the brothers find out that the fire wasn’t an accident, and the thirst for revenge is fierce.

Plain and simple—this is a heist novel and it was AMAZING! It was thrilling and action-packed. It felt like a joyride that I didn’t want to end. Every page was fast-paced and engrossing. Imagine that feeling you get when you’re in a fight-or-flight situation—that rush of adrenaline and that surge of electricity in your veins—that’s how I felt while reading this book. I was on a constant high and it was awesome!

There’s a big cast of characters here—mostly consisting of the crew—and with that alone the book could’ve went terribly wrong, but it didn’t. All the characters were interesting and compelling with their own desires, wants and issues—they felt so complex and real.

This was my first Marshall Ryan Maresca book and I have to say that I loved his writing style—quick and concise yet vibrate. He truly has a way with words.

Overall, I love this book! Not many books make me want to jump inside the pages and live among the characters. It was an addicting read and I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to read more books by Maresca.

Book Blurb for The Holver Alley Crew

The Rynax brothers had gone legit after Asti Rynax's service in Druth Intelligence had shattered his nerves, and marriage and fatherhood convinced Verci Rynax to leave his life of thievery.  They settled back in their old neighborhood in West Maradaine and bought themselves a shop, eager for a simple, honest life. Then the Holver Alley Fire incinerated their plans. With no home, no shop, and no honest income—and saddled with a looming debt—they fall back on their old skills and old friends.

With a crew of other fire victims, Asti and Verci plan a simple carriage heist, but the job spirals out of control as they learn that the fire was no accident. Lives in Holver Alley were destroyed out of a sadistic scheme to buy the land. Smoldering for revenge, burdened with Asti's crumbling sanity, the brothers lead their crew of amateurs and washouts to take down those responsible for the fire, no matter the cost.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00