Murder at the Mansion

Victorian Village Mysteries, #1

"Murder at the Mansion" is the first book in the Victorian Village Mystery series! The series stars Katherine Hamilton, who was recently laid off from her job at a swanky hotel and decides to move back to her hometown who is on the verge of bankruptcy. While trying to help the town with their financial troubles, she stumbles upon the dead body of her high school nemesis, and she must try to clear her name.

I really enjoyed reading this book! I had very high expectations because I’ve never read anything by this author before, and the concept sounded very interesting. So to my surprise, it exceeded my expectations. It blew me away.

The main character Kate was just awesome! Like I would rank her as one of my top favorite cozy heroines. She was just so down-to-earth, and I could just relate to her on so many levels. She felt like someone I could see myself being friends with.

All of the secondary characters, despite their varying personalities, all came off as charming and interesting. They were all very well-developed and really contributed to the storyline. No one felt out of place or just there to be there. Everyone had their own place in the story.

The mystery itself was very elaborate and well-planned. Everything fit together well, yet I never felt bored or could guess what happened next. I loved that. When a story can keep me engaged while keeping me on my toes at the same time, it’s an instantly an A+ book!

Overall, I loved the first addition of this series and will definitely be picking up the next one. I’m also going to check out the author’s other books as well.

Book Blurb for Murder at the Mansion

The first in a brand-new series from New York Times bestselling author Sheila Connolly!

Katherine Hamilton’s goal in high school was to escape from her dead-end hometown of Asheford, Maryland. Fifteen years later she’s got a degree in hospitality management and a great job at a high-end boutique hotel in Baltimore. Until, that is, the hotel is acquired by a chain, and she’s laid off. When Kate’s high school best friend calls with a mysterious invitation to come talk with the town leaders of Asheford, she agrees to make the trip, curious about where this new opportunity might lead.

Once Kate arrives, the town council members reveal that their town is on the verge of going bankrupt, and they’ve decided that Kate’s skills and knowledge make her the perfect person to cure all their ills. The town has used its last available funds to buy the huge Victorian mansion just outside of town, hoping to use it to attract some of the tourists who travel to visit the nearby Civil War battle sites. Kate has less-than-fond memories of the mansion, for personal reasons, but to make matters worse, the only person who has presented a possible alternate plan is Cordelia Walker—Kate’s high school nemesis.

But a few days later, while touring the mansion, Kate stumbles over a body—and it’s none other than Cordelia. Kate finds herself juggling the murder investigation and her growing fascination with the old house, which itself is full of long-hidden mysteries. Kate must clear her name and save her town—before she ends up in hot water.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 5.00