In Want of a Knife

A Little Library Mystery, #3

"In Want of a Knife" is the third book in the A Little Library Mystery series! The series centers around Jenny, an amateur sleuth and little librarian. When the police discover a young girl’s dead body on the outskirts of Bear Falls, Jenny wants to find the culprit.

This is my first book in the series. I never read the first two books, but it wasn’t very hard to get into the series. I sort of just jumped right in, and it was relatively enjoyable.

There were certain things I didn’t like. One thing was the characters. Some of them just felt…flat. There was nothing there—just names with no personality. I really liked the main character Jenny though. She was likable. And I loved her friend Zoe! She was my favorite.

The storyline and the mystery were a bit predictable. I sort of guessed the ending about halfway through, which is my pet peeve for cozies. Also, it was a bit boring in certain parts. Some parts just seemed to drag on.

Overall, it was a good book. It has its flaws, but I could see many people enjoying it. The writing itself was really good, along with the concept and setting. And some of the characters were just really amazing.

Book Blurb for In Want of a Knife

Fans of Jane Austen will rejoice at the third Little Library mystery from Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli, In Want of a Knife.

When they investigate a string of disappearances of young girls, will Jenny Weston and Zoe Zola be dispatched with extreme pride and prejudice?

Amateur sleuth and little librarian Jenny Wilson is set on edge when the police discover a young girl’s body, dressed in an old-fashioned white lace dress, just outside Bear Falls. And when another local girl from town disappears soon after, Jenny and her next-door neighbor, author and little person Zoe Zola, know they have to help the beleaguered police chief.

But first, Jenny and Zoe have new neighbors to meet: A trio of wealthy newcomers from Chicago has just moved into a huge mansion on Lake Michigan. Nathan and Delia Wickley are genial siblings, and Fitzwilliam Dillon, the mansion’s owner, is a Little Person like Zoe. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rich gentleman seeking to ingratiate himself to his new neighbors will spread a bit of largesse around, and Fitzwilliam is no exception: He has offered two million dollars to Bear Falls. But the townspeople are far from agreed on what to do with the money—and the deliberations are far from peaceful.

But it’ll all come to naught if the missing girl isn’t found, and the culprit identified. And when she ventures alone to a mysterious structure in the woods, Zoe may not live to resolve her romantic dilemmas. Though neither Jenny nor Zoe is particularly placid or even-tempered, love and danger beckon them in Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli’s third endearing Little Library Mystery, In Want of a Knife.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.00