Jaunter Chronicles Book 1

"Flux" is an exciting tale about Addy Decker, a girl who once wanted to end it all, until she meets a beautiful boy in her bathroom. I have to say that this was a very thrilling and captivating read. It was very fast-paced, and had me glued to my seat the entire time.

My favorite part about this book had to be the world-building and the main character Addy! The author created a lush and beautiful world that was just so creative and interesting. And Addy was amazing! I completely related to her on so many levels, and I love her character growth. In the beginning, she’s this timid, afraid girl, but as the story progresses, she’s becomes this amazing warrior. It was so inspiring and actually just plain awesome really.

Overall, it was an amazing read! The characters were all entertaining and real. The world was brilliantly built. The writing was simple yet descriptive, and the pacing was excellent. I highly recommend!

Book Blurb for Flux

Bullied teenager Addy Decker has had enough of her miserable life. One night, just as she’s about to end it all, a beautiful boy appears in her bathroom, saving her life. At once intrigued and a little scared, she touches the boy and he opens her eyes to a whole different way of life. Addy finds herself in the presence of the Jaunters, a group of people on a mission to magically time travel to the past and save people at risk, as every life saved brings new life to the dead world of the future.

Addy is still wrapping her head around it all when her mom is attacked by a Hell Hound. Alongside her new companions, Addy jaunts to save her, but one of them disappears with Addy’s mom to an unknown destination. Now it’s a race against time, in every dimension, to find the rogue Hell Hound, and Addy’s mom, before a plague is unleashed that will infect the fabric of history itself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00