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"Cakespell" is a magical YA book by Gaby Triana. It stars fifteen-year-old Rose Zapata, who loves baking and dreams of becoming a famous baker and opening her own business one day. Her mother doesn’t want her to bake and kind of forbids her to do so. Of course, Rose doesn’t listen to her mother and stumbles upon her grandmother’s vintage baking tools, along with a family secret — Rose is a kitchen witch, and she accidentally releases her grandmother’s Cakespell, which causes new havoc in her life.

This was a very cute and magical read. Everything was just wonderful. The first page pulled me in, instantly hooking me until the end. It literally felt like every word was magic, and it wrapped around my soul, keeping me in place until I turned that last page.

The characters were all interesting and charming, and everyone just fit their role so well. Rose was a fantastic main character. She felt like an old friend—someone I could hang out with and talk too. I loved being in her head and getting to know her. I missed her when the book ended. Also, the writing was amazing. Every description was lush and enchanting, totally fitting the tone of the story.

Overall, it was a fun and colorful read. It completely swept me off my feet and made me fall in love with its words and characters. I highly recommend!

Book Blurb for Cakespell

15-year-old Rose Zapata is an aspiring professional baker (with a secret crush) who’s only seen love in the movies. But all that changes when she discovers her late grandmother's vintage baking tools in her grandpa’s closet. Along with a family secret: Rose is a witch--a kitchen witch. And after accidentally releasing her nana’s matchmaking “Cakespell,” Rose is the only one who can wield its power.

When news spreads about Rose’s love-infused goodies, classmates, teachers, and even her crush, Caleb, flock to her door. As business booms, fame does too. Principal O’Dell enlists her in the school’s Battle of the Bakers, everyone wants a taste of Rose’s cake magic, and even her overprotective mother begins to feel the Cakespell’s sweet effects.

Can Rose whip up some love for herself before she drowns in orders, or will the Cakespell overtake her life? A story about family and friendships, Cakespell will have you believing in love, magic, and the power inside us all.

* Cover art by Curtis Sponsler

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 5.00