A Girl Called Dust

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A Girl Called Dust

Book One of the Dust Trilogy

Without giving too much away, “A Girl Called Dust” is about Arden, a girl whose been experiencing weird things over the last couple of years, like waking up to deep scratches in her floor, her best friend telling her she’s not human, but doesn’t elaborate and finding dead bodies in the woods that have been ripped to shreds. Everyone thinks it’s an animal killing people, but Arden learns that it’s far from an animal. That it’s something much worse. Her. Or so everyone thinks.

I absolutely loved this book! I went in thinking it was going to be a predictable werewolf story, but boy was I wrong. It’s so much more and *spoiler* no werewolves.

From the very beginning, the first chapter drew me in and I was stuck. I literally couldn’t stop reading it. I was hooked. The writing was very intriguing, but packed with emotion. The characters were interesting yet each had their own personality, which is hard to do when there’s a large cast of characters.

Fletcher was my favorite thing about this book. He’s the main character’s best friend and he’s hilarious! The way he doesn’t understand basic things like sarcasm, made me think of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I swear he had me laughing-out-loud the first two parts of the book.

Arden, the main character, is unique and relatable. I loved her love of sewing and making vintage dresses. I also loved that she didn’t make this dramatic change at the end, but she gained confidence in herself, which made her feel even more life-like and realistic.

The only thing the book lacked was that it kind of follows that “chosen one” trope, but that didn’t really bother me. It’s filled with such originally that the trope didn’t even matter.

Overall, pick up this book! It’s seriously underrated. If you’re into supernatural and mythical creatures, then you’ll love it. There isn’t much romance here, but I seriously see that happening in the next couple of books.

Book Blurb for A Girl Called Dust

Something monstrous this way comes

The hunt is on

Not entirely human

Not so invisible…

Hiding in the shadows

Arden Moss is used to being invisible. The kids at her high school call her Dust—something that no one pays attention to, that doesn’t matter. Then one impossible moment changes her life. When a boy named Fletcher gets hit by a speeding bus, she runs to help him, only to discover that he’s unscathed. He tells her it’s because he’s not entirely human…just like her.

It makes a strange kind of sense. Arden has no memories of where she goes at night, only that she has insatiable urges. Then bodies start turning up in the woods near Arden’s home, bodies that have been torn apart by someone…or something. A mysterious group called the Givers is on the hunt for the killer, and they have their sights set on Arden.

On the run from the Givers, Arden discovers something dark lurking in the shadows of the school. Finding the real killer is the only way to save her life. With Fletcher’s help, Arden races to prove that she isn’t responsible for the bloody deaths in the woods, but how can she be sure she’s innocent?

Dust and Roses: Book Two of the Dust Trilogy Coming July 2016

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50