Love Me Tomorrow

I found Love Me Tomorrow by Sally Painter to be an excellent book. It was one that once I started, I read till the end. Ms. Painter had great characters that were realistic and oh so human, which considering the leading man wasn't is saying a lot. I really enjoyed her plot and the idea of a kismet or fate to love. It was great that with true love and working together, they could save earth from the evil lizard people. Love Me Tomorrow was a great book and I will recommend it to all my friends.

Book Blurb for Love Me Tomorrow

Earth, 2360
Shalene Courers leads freedom fighters against the Demrons to retrieve a crystal that is the secret to Earth’s defense. When she captures the mysterious Mecah—tall, blond and very sexy—desires flame and the interrogation soon melts under his scorching passion.
Mecah’s possession of Shalene is more than lust—she’s the kismet mate he’s sought all his life, only she doesn’t believe him. Shalene and Mecah join forces to turn the tide of war, but without winning the heart and soul of his fated mate, he stands to lose his greatest battle.
Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Fated Mates anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00