Vampire Union 2: Liberated

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Vampire Union 2: Liberated

Book 2

Vampire Union 2: Liberated is a disappointing second installment about a world suffering in the aftermath of WWIII, with vampire lords basking in their newfound powers while humans cower in the shadows of their own defeat. The characters fail to live up to their exciting premise, with a heroine who cannot command respect coupled with a hero who falls flat on charisma. A vampire lord himself, Rem rescues the human Nadya from her supposed imprisonment, has a pleasant romp with her and then proceeds to declare his love-simple, shallow and straightforward. There is no insight into his psyche, no exploration between their developing relationship, no sparks of sensuality radiating from the pages to engage the reader in what could have been a deliciously decadent world. Moreover, Nadya's struggle between her affection for her first lover and loyalty to Rem inspires annoyance (along with questions about her selfish personality) rather than encourage sympathy.

At its best, this is a stepping-stone read, something to connect the first episode to the last; on its own, Vampire Union 2: Liberated is not a satisfying entr‚e. But what it lacks in fire and flash, the story supplements with detail and imagination, offering a believable world subjected to vampiric dominion. The dynamic setting creates a genuine and authentic atmosphere, one that is sufficient enough for readers to escape to and enjoy.

Read the first union between Nadya and Jalen to grasp the full impact of the situation and background; otherwise, this will just be a one-dimensional universe centered on a grating heroine and her forgettable hero. Now, the first book in the series was a real winner.

Book Blurb for Vampire Union 2: Liberated

After WWIII, society was in shambles. For thousands of years, vampires had lived in hiding, fearing extinction from humans. They took advantage of the collapse of society to step into the light, seize power, and rule over the human race. The vampire overlords have herded humans into Quarantine Zones in their various provinces, where they are subjected to the vampires' every whim.

One moment, Nadya was happy with her lover, Jalen. Then his enemy "rescued" her, taking her to his stronghold. Rem is rough and hard, not at all like the smoothly sophisticated Jalen. Yet, Nadya is drawn to him, and they soon fall in love. If only she could forget Jalen and commit herself entirely to Rem, she knows she would lose the ache of dissatisfaction and the sense that something is missing when her new lover holds her. Even if she could manage to do that, Nadya knows she can't just ignore the conflict between Rem and Jalen. Secrets buried in the past have come to light that change everything.

Two vampire lords with vastly different ideals fight over territory, their ways of life, and much more. At the center is one human woman, torn between the two.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 2.00