Subtle Destiny

As with all of Kery’s creations, Subtle Destiny is an intense read. The words are very electrified and the plot will whisk the readers away to another universe. Jax Ammadon is a wet-dream come true, and his chemistry with Skylar is both excruciatingly heartbreaking and explosively dynamic. His love and desire for her bled from the pages, and while it’s painful to learn about their history, it’s also very heartwarming to live in a world where men of such devotion and beauty exist. As the new King of the Watchers, Jax is very commanding. His power is understated, but the strength of his character shines through.
Skylar herself is a much-tormented woman, and it’s easy to sympathize with her situation. There’s little fluff to her character, just a core of strength to match that of Jax’s. What makes their relationship so mesmerizing is the hint of darkness that surrounds their previous history. Jax is a very compelling character, and much like Skylar, readers will find themselves drowning in his irresistibly masculine fire. The sexual build-up explodes near the end of the story, but the foreplay along the way tickles the readers into a high state of arousal. When Skylar and Jax finally come together, it’s cathartic and unbelievable. Though Subtle Destiny is part of series, readers can still devour this story as a stand-alone and walk away satisfied. However, to get the full benefits of immersing yourself in the Watcher world, I do recommend reading the rest of the series.


Book Blurb for Subtle Destiny

Fourth in the Subtle Lovers series

Grief- and guilt-ridden Skylar sometimes wonders if she has the strength to go on living after her life mate's murder. She functions in the physical world only, denying her supernatural gifts and any subtle realities, existing only to ensure her precious son's health and happiness and living far, far away from the shattering memories of
Dunleavy Castle. But as much as she tries to forget, as much as she strives to deny, as much as she tries to punish herself, her immense desire for one man refuses to be purged from her mind or body.

Jax Ammadon's suffering has made him stronger than any Watcher alive. For hundreds of years he's burned for the one woman whom fate has designated could never be his. He watches helplessly as Skylar's denial of the truth of what they are to one another slowly kills her. Her grieving period must come to an end.

It's time for the new King of the Watchers to claim what's his.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00