Shades of Gray

Jones' style of writing is very quirky and different-her plot is intrinsically exhilarating, and she hits the ground running, attacking the readers with a wonderful sense of speed to make the pages fly. Temperance Larkin is eccentric but relatable, a bold woman who matches fantastically with the vampire Asher Marriott. It is quite heart wrenching when peeking into Asher's past, to imagine his battles and the strength it must take to emerge from the other side a changed man. As such, Temperance's humorous attitude towards life is a nice complement to the darker aspects of the story. Though their relation is a bit of race, Asher and Temperance is too convincing in their compatibility for them to not be a matched pair.

Asher's quest for vengeance is a very engaging, especially because the story easily becomes personal. The secondary characters dance nicely in the background, adding more intrigue to an already simmering story-each individual radiates with personality and spice, with a balanced mix between the suspense of the chase and the development of passion. This is one of the rare times that the existence of the villain is perfectly integrated into the plotline, such that it is a fluid read (and when the destruction comes, it is wonderfully cathartic). The dialogue itself is sharp and moves the plot along entertainingly. Simply, everything comes together to weave a very unusual and refreshing tale; it will be an electrifying wait until the next installment, Marlow's Curse.

Book Blurb for Shades of Gray

What was supposed to be a power walk through a cemetery turns out to be the best sex of Temperance's life. Maybe having sex in a cemetery with a stranger is a naughty thing to do but then it's a night for being naughty, for being accosted by sexy vampires and for finding out the guy who was all tight and hot inside you is a cop. Holy crap!

A horrible twist of fate condemned Asher to live as a vampire. When Temperance walks into his lonely life he begins to hope that all his efforts to change his fate have not been in vain. Temperance is the sanctuary he craves. He now must make her believe it.

But an old enemy threatens any peace or happiness they hope to find. It is going to take the combined power of vampires, a witch and one mortal woman with attitude to kick Madigan Ap Lyr's ass back to hell where he belongs.

Reader Advisory: This book includes a brief rape scene.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00