Satin Seduction

Satin Seduction should have been a sensual declaration of the beauty of being big and curvy. Instead, the writing is awkward and stilted, rendering the story a whimpering composition too weak to be a passionate affair, but not mature enough to be a romance. Nicole James is dominated by her insecurities as a full-figured woman, and Jake Malone is underdeveloped. Their chemistry is nonexistent, and their dialogue is unnatural. It’s not a smooth read, and for something that should pack an arsenal of confidence for Rubenesque women, Satin Seduction falls short of the mark.
The story is diluted, and it didn’t seem as though Nicole grasped the loveliness of her own body. Satin Seduction is a short and quick romp, and while it flirts with the issue of self-confidence in relation to body image, the matter is very forced. There is not enough intensity to engage the reader; the characters have no substance and are very forgettable. It’s hard to fall in love with either Nicole or Jake, because there aren’t any flames dancing around their passion. There needs to be more zing and flavor added to Satin Seduction because it’s currently a bland read. 

Book Blurb for Satin Seduction

Full-figured Nicole dreams of designing a line of lingerie that flatters a Rubenesque figure. When she approaches her new boss with her ideas, he is receptive to the point of asking her to model the line for him. She's hesitant to bare her rounded curves to her hottie boss. How can this sexy man possibly find her attractive? Nicole gathers her courage and agrees — if he'll strip to his briefs.

Jake has wanted Nicole since he bought the company and he isn't going to let this opportunity pass. Their modeling session turns passionate but he doesn't want just one night — he wants forever. And he wants Nicole confident and eager. To accomplish that, Jake must rebuild Nicole's self image.

How can Jake show this woman how beautiful he finds her? Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Especially naughty pictures. Cameras don't lie, though beauty is more than skin deep.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00