Lovers At Last

Lovers At Last is a beautifully sweet story, a sexy serenade to all the nice guys who sit besides their best friends while she laments about her love life. Justin Collet has the bad boy look but the good boy charm. Pearl MacInray, though seemingly superficial and shallow, she truly is a determined woman with understandable emotional baggage. Still, her strong demeanor and matches well with Justin’s laidback charisma. On the pages and between the sheets, they make a very magnetic couple. Since there’s an established history between Justin and Pearl before the story, their fast trip to the bedroom is an easily accepted progression.
The writing is very smooth and develops at a fluid pace. Along the way, little personal tidbits about the characters are revealed. This keeps the readers engaged, and it provides an extra emotional pull. However, the heavy focus is still on the sexual sparks that brew between Justin and Pearl. Their play is imaginative and enthusiastic, full of fun and energy. Their dialogues are natural and an overall enjoyable read. From first to last, Lovers At Last is a lighthearted romp, something delightful to freshen up any readers’ day.  

Book Blurb for Lovers At Last

Pearl's master plan to catch a rich husband — results so far…A for effort, F for success.

Justin Collet wants way more than friendship from Pearl. He craves love, laughter and hot, down-and-dirty passion. A life partner. All he needs to do is convince Pearl.

A broken relationship, a few drinks and a string of pearls. Comforting Pearl takes a turn into carnal territory. Heat blossoms between them, fiery and consuming. Sweet kisses inflame and erotic whispers tempt. It's all or nothing for Justin as he seduces Pearl into agreeing they're lovers at last.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00