Love Unleashed

Genre: Erotic Shape-Shifter

Very much like a dog, Love Unleashed will lead the readers around for a few interesting laps, offering amusement and even some entertainment, but ultimately, the trails follow the same beaten path. The pace of the story lingers and drags, heavy with repetitions (in both dialogue and situations). Things are slow to happen, with not much development between Stefan Rigatos, man-turned-dog, and Vicki Lindstrom, lonely-woman-turned-pet-owner. Especially with Vicki, her character is weak and insipid-her attempts to appear strong and rational fail miserably, causing her to come across as being annoying and plagued by insecurities. Stefan does not fare better, although he is more bearable in canine form than in human. Treasure those moments, because they are far more engaging than any conversation between Stefan and Vicki.

There should be more, given that this story involves a witch bent on vengeance, a man cursed to be a dog, and a woman with the appearance of being strong and independent-but instead, there is a one-dimensional witch casting a spell on a poor man who unfortunately falls in love with a flavorless woman.

The main redeeming qualities are Carter's writing and the creation of Sirius the Saint Bernard, Stefan's alter ego. So even if the destination itself is Humdrumville, Carter's pleasant writing style cushions the blow by giving the readers a first class flight with a cuddly companion.

Book Blurb for Love Unleashed

When Vicki takes in a stray Saint Bernard, she has no way of knowing he is really a man under a dark spell.

Stefan Rigatos was changed into a dog by a vengeful witch bent on teaching him a lesson about casually seducing women. Despite the curse, he finds affection he's never experienced before — as Vicki's temporary pet. But, for a few hours each night, Stefan reverts to human form and sets out to seduce Vicki. During their nights of passion and days of discovery, he develops deeper feelings for her.

Meanwhile, the witch who cursed him wants him back under her control, threatening to destroy Stefan and his newfound capacity for love.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 2.50