Hearts and Wishes

This is the sequel to Make Me Believe. (Valentine's Day/Fantasy)

A Shiloh Walker is always a keeper-classic, stimulating and provocative. Her men always know how to whisper all those enticingly dark and dirty secrets, and her heroines are always a caliber above the rest. Although Walker misses the perfect mark with Hearts and Wishes, it is nevertheless a read vibrating with energy. The relationship between Rhys and Holly is saturated with intensity and passion, but unfortunately they do not dominate the pages. Their time together is compromised by Walker's commitment to the overall development of the plot, divided between chasing the villains taking a peek into the tensions within the Claus family. As such, the story is not a continuous spectrum of steamy satisfaction, but rather dispersions of sexual explosions.

The mood and atmosphere can be a bit suffocating, mostly due to the emphasis on Holly's enforced loneliness due to her father's overprotective instincts. She comes off the pages sounding like a martyr, ever suffering under the watchful eyes of her father. Also, there is just too much going on: Holly is watching Rhys, Father Claus is watching Holly, Rhys is watching Holly AND searching for the villains, the villains in turn are watching Father Claus (who also has to watch his wife). The focus is not sharp, which takes away from the development of Rhys and Holly. However, his raw magnetism and her enviable position(s) make Hearts and Wishes a fulfilling read-perhaps something to whet the appetite for another Walker.

Book Blurb for Hearts and Wishes

This is the sequel to Make Me Believe.

She is the daughter of one of the most famous men in existence. Pampered, protected…and stifled. Holly will give up everything just for a chance at freedom.

Rhys knows he should keep his hands off his pupil. He agreed to teach Holly how to use her magick, not see what kind of magick they can make together. But she has the saddest eyes, the sweetest smile and a body that makes him burn.

Holly's loneliness and Rhys' need lead to an explosive night. But when an unknown threat appears on the horizon, Rhys is sent to deal with it, leaving Holly behind. A broken promise pushes her over the edge, and desperate to escape her stifling life, she flees. But that unknown threat has been watching — has been waiting. And if Rhys doesn't find her soon, Holly's need for freedom is going to end up killing her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00