Half Wild

Half Wild doubles the fun, featuring twin brothers Kar’two “Deuce” and Kar’four “Four” paired with best friends Jerri and Sam. Traveling back from the future, the brothers are responsible for stopping a chain of events that will alter the future of the entire human race. Luckily, they fall right into the laps of two women who are strong enough to handle the brother’s sexual chemistry. Deuce and Jerri make for an interesting pair, falling fast and hard for each other. Four and Sam are a dynamic duo, with tension and passion sizzling between them. Each character is distinct and highly likable. Jerri is the warm and passionate romantic, and Deuce is enchanted by her kindness. Sam is spunky and strong, and it’s a pleasure to watch as Four fights to win her heart.
The storyline is very captivating; with Byrd’s intensity shining through the pages and Hayes’ charm radiating from the words. The sexual games are very steamy, and suspense is always chasing the couples. The carnal fires slowly build so that when the release comes, it’s very explosive. There are hidden surprises and the end comes with a satisfying bang. Well-written and exciting, Half Wild is certainly a pleasure to read. Keep following this series to see the adventures of the other brothers.

Book Blurb for Half Wild

When two gorgeous studs fall out of the sky, Jerri and Sam think they've hit the jackpot. By all appearances, the handsome twins are intensely attracted to the two best friends.

Travelers from a desolated future devoid of women, Kar'Four and Deuce are dying to experience sex for the first time, as well as warmth, passion and love. But the men hide a secret they're afraid to share. One that threatens their chances to finally know the love they've hungered for their entire lives. The truth is that they're not completely human. Cloned from a combination of human and animal DNA, these mouthwatering males are half wild.

Publisher Note: This book was previously available on the authors' web site under the title Janus Palace. It has been revised and expanded for Ellora's Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00