Freedom in Chains

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Freedom in Chains

I had high expectations for Freedom in Chains, but was disappointed with the lack of character depth, pacing and environment. The story had too many pointless encounters and extra dialogue. I was hoping for a better relationship between Kyra Jennings and Julian Bithrell, but in the end it was just sterile. The concepts in the story had a lot of potential, but just were not delivered upon.

The role reversal (with Kyra being the dominant and Julian being the submissive) could have been a delightful exploration into somewhat taboo realms of eroticism. Too many extra factors and dialogue were added to the story. With more focus towards the relationship this plot could really work, but much of the extra dialogue and secondary characters need to be cut as they distract from the real focus of the story. The magnitude of the story encompasses too much pointless encounters and dialogue; the readers have to work through pages in order to reach scraps of entertainment.

I came away with a lot of questions. Who is Julian? His bulk does not mix well with his character; his demeanor does not fit with his personality; his words and temperament fail to reconcile his behavior and manners. Kyra -she is a woman who doesn't know how to handle her powers, suffocating in her insecurities and weaknesses. There are hints to their development potential, but those are mostly lost to vast scale of the story; everything is spread too thin. Freedom in Chains started on a good premise, but didn't deliver.

Book Blurb for Freedom in Chains

Boston, 2021. When Kyra Jennings, a young and successful business woman, decides to give Julian Bithrell, a sentenced convict, a second chance, she does not know that he will meet her most secret desires in bondage games. However, at the same time an unknown assassin tries to claim her life and the convict seems to bear a threat of his own. Will Kyra solve the mystery and save her life and her love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 2.00