Fire Angel

Erotic Historical Romance

It is such a treat to be subjected to Kery's literary elixir. Vincent Devonald is geekily devilish, an alpha in his own league of desirability. Serafina Grovenor is beautifully vulnerable yet internally strong. They come together explosively, erupting with the force of a million stars coated with raw passion. The carnal depth of Vincent and Serafina's relationship is packed with dark sensuality-the pages are fairly weeping in climatic bliss. Though the beginning is a bit rough, the rocky start only serves to plunge the plot into a speedy voyage of suspenseful danger. As always, Kery doesn't disappoint with her style and fluidity; her writing is as close to perfect as can be found. Her words are smooth, effectively coating the reader in a sexy hazy of otherworldly wonders.

The villain, Samuel Grovenor, gracefully adds to the plot, sharing a corner of the stage with the main couple. Vincent will easily consume the pages with his dominating manner while Serafina keeps the balance with her soft behavior. Every character is crafted to complement each other; their compatibility enhances Fire Angel's readability. Not only is it a venture into a world haunted by magic, it is an adventure on an amazing scale. Every page offers something new and sweet, a delicious vacation that engages all the senses. There is love and excitement, betrayal and horror, humor and tears. Fire Angel is a highly engaging read, well worth the attention and time.

Book Blurb for Fire Angel

London, 1897. A world that embraces both the logic of science and the ghostly explorations of spiritualism, a time period where one need only scratch at the surface of staunch morality to find outlets for the most carnal of appetites.

Vincent Devonald is known for exposing occult charlatans. He has plenty of reasons to distrust the famous medium Serafina Grovenor, the most important being that her charismatic magician father was behind the disappearance of Vincent's daughter ten years before. He doesn't believe for a second that Serafina can communicate with spirits and he's determined to expose her ability to create fire for the theatrical sham that it is. But he can't deny the powerful effect that the mysterious woman has on him as she draws him in to her circle of intrigue.

Serafina lives in a world of manipulation and fear. She'll do anything to keep her younger sister safe…including putting her complete trust in the one man who has the ability to tame her potentially lethal fiery nature and show her the true meaning of passion.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00