Drastic Measures

Shiloh Walker rarely disappoints, and Drastic Measures is as delightful as they come. This plot is a reminiscent of Indecent Proposal, but Walker's story follows a steamier and sexier path. Ethan Parker has just a hint of danger to his character to spice up the pages, and Pamela James is simply adorable. Though they don't have a lot of scenes together, Ethan and Pam do have a solid foundation for a relationship. Enough background information is given so that their coming together doesn't appear shallow and arbitrary. The pace is firm and steady, so that it's easy for the reader to become engrossed and engaged in Ethan's passion for Pam.

Walker is tapping into ever woman's fantasy, with Ethan projecting the image of the perfect man. He's dangerous, delicious and absolutely devoted to the sweet and endearing Pam. Their chemistry is smooth and the theme of obsession lends a dark edge to the fantasy. Walker easily keeps the pages turning with her rich writing and additive characters. The attraction between Ethan and Pam is very forceful, and will certainly pull a reader into the abyss of desire. Drastic Measures is a fantastic read; easy to fall in love with and hard to forget.

Book Blurb for Drastic Measures

One look — that was all it took. One look, four years ago, and Ethan knew he had to get his hands on pretty Pamela James. There are a few problems, though. Pam is engaged and she seems scared to death of Ethan.

Her fiancé doesn't deserve her and can't make her happy. Knowing that, Ethan is willing to do whatever is necessary to make her realize it. He has to make her see just how much he wants her. How good it can be. But Pam has evaded all of Ethan's attempts to get close to her.

Sometimes, a man has to take drastic measures.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50