Destiny's Touch

Genre : Paranormal Erotica

Destiny's Touch is a light novel sprinkled with time travel and suspense. Gabriel Marx is determined to make Alexis Beaumont see that their destinies are meant to cross, and on a trekking excursion, magic happens to appease his desires. Alexis is affected by a supernatural energy, allowing her mind to travel back in time to experience three different lifetimes of her past with Gabe. Three short moments of passionate encounters witnessed combined with three brief occasions of tragedy felt convinces Alexis that she should not deny her feelings for Gabe. Their story is very interesting and exciting, engaging the reader in the possibilities of portals that can unlock the mysteries to past lives. Those flirtations with time travel added spice and adventure to Gabe and Alexis' contemporary journey to finding each other.

However, much of the story concentrates on Alexis, such that her point of view overshadows Gabe. Not much development takes place in terms of character depths and growth; although the reader is given some insight into their past lives, little is revealed about Alexis and Gabe's modern lives that would make them compatible partners. The episodes that Alexis experience could have been used as a foundation for building a relationship on, but instead they acted as both the foundation and the structure. This weakens the story because these characters are not their own persons, but rather just shadows of past ghosts dominated by old feelings. Nevertheless, McKade does weave a story that is entertaining in its own right with fanciful glances into the mysteries of destiny.

Book Blurb for Destiny's Touch

Gabe never believed in reincarnation until he found an 1864 photograph that haunts him. The woman in the photo inflames his desire, because she looks exactly like Alexis, the woman he's been coveting all year. And the man beside her? It's himself.

Gabe knows they're destined to be together, but Alexis insists on keeping things professional. Yet the heat between these colleagues is almost impossible to withstand.

Only when he entices her to the mysterious red mountains of Sedona does the tantalizing barrier shatter. One minute Alexis is defying her irresistible boss, the next, she's spiraling through time, through tumultuous "love lessons" with a highlander, a British commodore and a Union soldier. Can she return to the man she's destined for? And will Gabe be waiting if she does?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00