Charlie's Bargain

Charlie’s Bargain is an absolutely primal trip for the female libido. Though she grew up in wealth, Charlotte Elizabeth Owens- Stratton is a woman who has had her share of misfortunes. After her family lost its fortunes, she’s forced to live on the scraps while trying to protect her brother from the horrors of a miner’s life. She is a good sister, an admirable character, and a strong woman—even if she is emotionally conflicted. Lynx, the sexy Xorn who commands the pages and steals your attention, is dangerously desirable. This beautiful alpha male’s uncensored desire for Charlie will consume you in flames, leaving you as a puddle of lust.
The writing is wonderful. Unlike Anderson’s previous (similarly-themed) Planet X, Charlie’s Bargain is more balanced in terms of internal dialogue. The focus is shared between Lynx and Charlie, so readers get a good insight as to what both characters are thinking about. The discourse between them is also very sexy and raw. Without a doubt, Anderson knows how to set up a scene for maximum sexual impact. Though Charlie’s continual doubt of her feelings is a bit frustrating, Lynx more than makes up for her with his steady and powerful nature. Charlie’s Bargain is a thoroughly enjoyable read; the story gains momentum as it goes, drowning the reader in a world of addictive fleshly pleasures.

Book Blurb for Charlie's Bargain

Charlie is just trying to survive. After losing her fortune she flees her home planet and hides from her bloodthirsty creditors on a mining colony so horrible its residents just call it Hole.

Lynx is a Xorn, one of a feared race of non-humans known for their savage lusts. From the first instant he sees Charlie, he knows she is the only woman who can satisfy him.

Charlie wants nothing to do with the huge, muscular man with golden eyes, but in order to survive on Hole she will have to overcome her fear and make a bargain with the fierce Xorn—a bargain of desire, pleasure and pain that will force her to see herself and Lynx in a whole new light.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00