Caleb's Woman

Caleb's Woman is a sexy tumble packed with testosterone, fully worshipping at the altar of feminine fantasies. Caleb Masters is Wulfen and Alpha-in-Waiting, commanding and comfortable in his position without being cocky-an entirely drool-worthy hero. His sensual manners combined with his possessive nature makes him an addictive presence, but spunky Sommer McGregor holds her pages well. Though human, she is tough and resilient; together with Caleb, the sparks fly limitlessly. Since Caleb's Wulfen instincts are not explored to a great deal, which gives room for the character to grow into his own personality. The pages sizzle with his palpable hunger for Sommer, to conquer her as a beast even as he marks her as a man. Though it does get confusing with Sommer oscillating between wanting to stay with Caleb and leaving, her judgment is not colored by her emotions. She leaps off the pages as a strong, independent woman who can meet Caleb's seductive needs without falling into the shadows of his masculine temperament.

At times the dialogue takes away from the story. It is corny, trite and quite incongruent with the characters who are uttering the words. But these incidences are far and few between, so readers won't hurt themselves rolling their eyes. Overall, Caleb's Woman is a pleasant dessert to feed the cravings of every female-the notion that such a scrumptious man has been silently biding his time to pounce on his mate will provide a positive boost to any woman's day.

Book Blurb for Caleb's Woman

In an attempt to take charge of her life, Sommer opens her own catering company. With the encouragement of a friend and the foreshadowing of a tarot reading, she decides to take a lover, although she can only imagine one man in that particular role. Caleb Masters. There's only one problem. She's human, and he's not.

Caleb has wanted Sommer for years, but had bided his time until she was ready to accept him as more than a big brother figure. So when she jokingly declares she's ready to take a lover, he knows he's the man for the job. Nothing will stop him from claiming her as his woman.

Although they embroil themselves in a red hot love affair, Sommer believes it can only be a brief fling. Caleb, however, will do anything to convince her she's the only one for him.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00