Red Garnier is a breath of fresh air, bold and daring in her creations of enlivening characters that blaze along the paths of captivating storylines. Amatista is a fast yet sweet chase through the forests of Oriana, following the trail of a people who want to find home. Led by Kavi, the magnificent leader of the Fohers, the journey takes and transforms Liana from an empty shell of a captive into an adorable, feisty heroine. Teasing and suspenseful, their sexual tension weaves a subtle spell of desire until the pages burn with the need to see through Kavi and Liana's seduction. There is a harmonious blend of humor, intensity and beauty-a wonderful world that the readers can escape to dream.

Despite the dangers that lurk in the shadows, the characters and their relationship development keeps the story moving at a pace befitting a sexy romance. Though the plot is a bit predictable, nothing is taken away from the story itself. Instead, it just heightens the anticipation for the ending, like waiting for a dessert after a hearty meal. Everything flows fluidly to gather at the pinnacle of hope and wonder, forming a colorful story about two deserving souls finding home. Garnier has designed something real and moving; Amatista smolders with a life as bright and enchanting as the mystical amethyst river that the Fohers spent a century in search of-a thing too fantastic to be forgotten.

Book Blurb for Amatista

Lured years ago from her home on Earth, Liana has seen countless natives mercilessly killed by humans in their search for planet Oriana's riches. When the Foher warrior Kavi kidnaps her during his escape, he unwittingly takes the humans' greatest asset — and awakens Liana's strongest lusts.

For years the Fohers have sought the same treasure — Amatista. Only by finding the mystical river of amethysts will Kavi and his people be safe. But Kavi doesn't realize his human captive, with her lush body and eager responses, is more than just a distraction — she is the key to finding the very treasure he seeks.

Reader Advisory: Amatistacontains group sex play and mild female-female interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50