When She's Gone

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When She's Gone

The title was the first thing that caught my attention and then I read the cover and was hooked. "When She’s Gone" is a fast paced book that kept me on my toes. Right when you think you know what’s going on it changes. Ara is awesome but she has some demons as well and it doesn't help that one of her charges has been taken from her. Luke is a pain in the ass but as I continued to read and got to know him he became a little more bearable. His distrust of Ara was kind of aggravating but I understood it given the situation. When they have to work together to figure out who’s got Samantha is when shit gets real.

Samantha is a free spirit who is just tired of having her every move watched and really has a problem with her stepfather. I’m not giving away any spoilers but she’s quite creative. I loved reading every bit of this book. It was adventurous, full of frustration, doubt and anger. It made me feel so many things and root for the main characters. Jane Palmer did an amazing job on this story and I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for When She's Gone

Ara Zuyev is a secret to nearly everyone, and those who know anything about her have barely scratched the surface. A bodyguard for a powerful billionaire, she is the last line of defense for the family's inner circle. But when her charge, 16-year-old Samantha Harper, is kidnapped and the FBI are called in, Ara immediately comes under suspicion. She didn’t follow basic security protocol, which should have been second nature for her. And now Samantha's life hangs in the balance.

Assertive and authoritative, Luke Patrick is the best the FBI has to offer. Nothing about Ara's story is adding up, and when Ara attempts to take control of the investigation, Luke is convinced she knows far more than she’s saying.

As the case develops and new details are discovered, Ara and Luke are forced to work together. She needs his investigative team. He needs her inside knowledge of the family. But neither of them trust each other. Their uneasy alliance is formed with one goal in mind: to bring Samantha home alive.

But what initially looks like a simple kidnapping for ransom quickly spirals into something far more sinister in Jane Palmer's explosive series debut When She's Gone.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.50