Untrue Colors

True Lies, #1

I absolutely loved how the story in Untrue Colors led to the painting of Lady Elizabeth Gillett. She had a very big part and started Gabe and Henry’s journey. Gabe, whose real name is Alex, is on the run from her abuser when she runs into Henry and his half-brother Simon at a party she crashes. Since then Henry has dubbed himself her protector and makes it his mission to find out everything he can about her. For Gabe, Henry being nice to her is rare. But she can’t be around him because Luc will kill or hurt him like everyone else who has gotten close to her. When Luc catches up to her danger and true terror begin. Henry and Simon will do what they can to get Gabe out alive.

Untrue Colors was such a good book. Alex is a smart person and blends well into any environment. The pain and fear she has gone through has made her a stronger and better person. Henry threw her for a loop, but once she was in she was in all the way.

This book was full of adventure, mystery, action, fear, anger, pain, hope, loss, family reunions and so much more. Untrue Colors was well written and kept my focus until the end. I was a little sad when I finished it because I wanted the story to continue. I hope there will be another book that goes into Simon’s life.

I happily recommend this book.

Book Blurb for Untrue Colors

She's on the run...  Brilliant art appraiser Alex Northrop's ex used stolen art to fund his nefarious activities. Now he wants her dead. But it isn't just herself she's worried about - if he discovers who she really is, he'll kill her family.

Professor Henry Chilton is shocked to find a beautiful stranger passed out in his bed, and even more so when the she reveals a priceless painting is a forgery - the painting he'd planned to use to fund a woman's shelter. She's mysterious and frightened, and he is determined to discover why.

Alex's knowledge of art is undeniable--just as Henry's attraction to her is irresistible. But in order to help him recover the real painting, Alex isn't just risking exposure...she's risking her life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 5.00