Two Cuts Darker

A Killer Need, #2

I met Charlie and Ranay in “One Cut Deeper” and fell in love with not only them but their story. Ranay was stuck in a world where people made her feel horrible and ashamed for what she wanted. Charlie made it better and changed her life. “Two Cuts Darker” picks up where “One Cut Deeper” left off and we get to meet Charlie's brother Vincent and another new player, Mads.

Vincent’s tastes run close to Charlie’s but it’s different. The partner he finds in Mads is great and I enjoyed the play off of each other. They spark like nobody's business and the sex is steamy deliciousness.

Charlie is under the impression that Vincent is like their father and in knowing that sets out to fulfill a promise. There are twists and turns everywhere you read in this book. Though sometimes you can guess what will happen other times you're thrown for a loop which is what I loved about reading this book. Even though there were a lot of things going on, it in no way was confusing and the plot was very clear. Joely Sue Burkhart did a very good job expressing the emotions of each character and I loved how she showed each of their points of view throughout the story. This is a book I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for Two Cuts Darker

The explosive follow-up to Joely Sue Burkhart's darkly erotic thriller One Cut DeeperLife on the run with an assassin hasn't been what Ranay thought it would be. In fact, parts of it more closely resemble a sex-fueled vacation—until duty calls. The FBI believe Charlie's brother is working for a human trafficking ring, and Charlie is the only one who can bring him down.Charlie fears Vincent has become a murderous monster like their father. He owes a mercy to the brother he remembers, the one who'd never want to be an uncontrollable killer. But Charlie has never had to kill someone he loves. Not even to save them from a dark, inherited curse.Killing his brother might be enough to push him over the edge.Enough to ruin everything he's built with Ranay.*As a bodyguard for the Vlasenko bratva, the very cruelest arm of the Russian mob, Vincent Gyres has seen and survived the worst the world has to offer. Former Special Forces, ex-CIA and a past inmate at Russia's most brutal prison, he's earned his reputation. They call him Ghost because he's already dead inside.Madison "Mads" Archer's hatred for scumbags who traffic in human lives is personal—her sister was taken when the girls were just children. Now Madison's on a joint FBI task force, deep undercover as a sex slave. It's a small price to pay to see the Vlasenko bratva taken down.A violent criminal like Vincent Gyres doesn't make a trustworthy ally, regardless of his CIA background. But Mads will use anyone and anything to stop the taking of another innocent young girl's life. Vincent's invitation to her to play his submissive in order to get closer to the leader isn't the problem. Trusting him, wanting him…loving him is.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00