Time of Death

A Stillwater General Mystery

As much as I tried, I could not get into this book . What really caught my attention was the cover and then the title. It’s a great concept but the book was a slow read for me.

Frankie was a person who was really just trying to start over and reconnect with her family. Upon entering the hospital she notices the chaos and acts to help, only to find out later the patient she saved, died. Now she’s being hit with a malpractice lawsuit and she’s not taking that lying down. Her ultimate goal is to figure out what really happened to her patient and save her career.

The break up with her fiance in the beginning was strained and a little weird but I guess that’s to be expected considering the circumstances. Her mother is something else. Frankie is someone you can relate to but she has her own way of doing things that at times, I found strange. In all "Time of Death" was an OK book.

Book Blurb for Time of Death

Twelve years ago, Frankie Stapleton left the quiet town of Stillwater and moved to Chicago, leaving behind her family, their struggling hardware store, and her fiancé. Now an emergency room nurse, she’s back to help her pregnant sister, Charlie, and to put the past behind her, once and for all.

But within minutes of arriving at Stillwater General Hospital, Frankie walks into an ER overloaded with bus crash victims. Amidst the chaos, she stumbles upon a lone man suffering a cardiac arrest outside the ER bay. With no one to help him, Frankie acts to save the man's life, despite the fact that she's not licensed there.

After leaving the man in stable condition, Frankie finally makes it to Charlie's bedside. But mere hours later, her patient is dead, her sister has undergone an emergency C-section, and Frankie has been slapped with the threat of a malpractice lawsuit.

Something's not right in Stillwater, and Frankie suspects her patient didn't die of natural causes. With her career on life support and a growing rift between Frankie and the family she left behind years ago, Frankie must catch a killer to clear her name in Time of Death, Lucy Kerr's enthralling mystery debut.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.00