The Undoing

Call Of Crows, #2

This book had me laughing the whole way through. The Crows are just awesome and so kick-ass, but they are also a family who watches each other's back and loves to pick at each other. Since reading "The Unleashing" I have wanted to know more about Jace and it was crazy hearing her story. Then you have Ski and his fellow Protectors who are so interesting, and I love, love, love the fact that they are willing to go to Valhalla over books. I’m a big book person myself, so that was highly intriguing. Bear just cracks me up to no end, as does Kera’s dog Brodie.

I really loved reading this book and though it bounced around to different characters, you could clearly understand what was going on. The plot was very clear and the battle scenes were very well written. The ancient goddess is a very bad guy but a good villain. Sometimes I found myself approving of some of the things she did even though she’s irritating as hell. Jace has found a place where she fits and I couldn’t have been more happy. I hope that there will be more books to this series and that I get to read the other Crows' stories as well. This is a book I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for The Undoing

No one would ever accuse Jace Berisha of having an easy life--considering her husband…you know…killed her. But that was then! Now she fights for mighty Viking gods with the spectacular and vicious Crows.

But things are turning very bad, very quickly because a vengeful, ancient goddess has come into the world with just one thing on her mind--ending it. And the only way they can hope to stop her is if the Crows join forces with their one-time enemies, the Protectors. A Viking Clan created to do nothing but kill every Crow they see.

Thankfully, Protector Ski Eriksen is a peace loving kind of guy. Because the woman he is desperately trying to get close to is the beautiful and not-very-chatty Jace. Battling Nordic clans? Unkillable goddesses? Jace's mean-spirited dog? None of these things would ever get in the way of a true Viking!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 5.00