The Phoenix Agency: The Sum Is Greater

M.L. Buchman is a favorite of mine and I love his Night Stalkers series. When I heard he was stepping into the world of paranormal I couldn’t wait to read it. He did a very good portrayal of the connection between Jesse and Hannah. I loved them both and they cracked me up. The things that go through Jesse’s head are just amazing. The psychic energy that flows with them is great and it’s only natural that it would get stronger when they work together. I love Jesse's role in Hannah’s power and how he encourages her to experiment and practice with it.

When they meet a new group of people the true adventure begins and I hope that M.L. will make more books that involve the paranormal. For this being his first try, I have to say he did a great job. Even though "The Phoenix Agency: The Sum Is Greater" is only 8 chapters long, I was completely absorbed and didn't finish till the end.

At the end of "The Phoenix Agency: The Sum Is Greater", you get an excerpt from another book M.L. wrote, the title is called "Wild Justice".

Book Blurb for The Phoenix Agency: The Sum Is Greater

Come join the action as M. L. Buchman’s Night Stalkers fly into battle with Desiree Holt’s Phoenix Agency!

Night Stalkers helicopter pilot, and part-time cowboy, Jesse Johnson’s world gets flipped upside down—by much more than crashing his helicopter deep in the Colombian jungle.

Delta Force operator Hannah Tucker called for an extraction, expecting Jesse to rescue her, not the other way round.

She also didn’t plan on discovering a strange psychic power that only works when they’re together. And falling in love didn’t show up anywhere on the mission profile! As they battle for their lives, they discover that it’s true: The Sum Is Greater.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50