The Naked Eye

Kendra has always fascinated me. From the the first time I read her story I wanted to learn more about her and her unique situation. The Naked Eye gave me a perfect glimpse into her world and more on Sam, Beth and Lynch, Each character by themselves is strong but together they are stronger. I loved how this book intersects with Eve’s world and we got to see a little of her as well.

Kendra has always felt that Colby wasn't dead and when she tries to get help she’s mocked, shown disbelief and called crazy by a reporter. Even though I hated Colby I have to admit that he was a good villain for Kendra, he pushed her and made her think harder than she usually does. In the end it came down to this: either Kendra would die or Colby would.

Kendra is so strong and stuck to her guns even though nobody believed her, I felt vindicated when everyone was shown just how stupid they were. This is Kendra we’re talking about people, if she says something you had better damn well listen. I was so absorbed in this book it took me a couple hours to finish it.

There were a couple relationships blooming, one I wasn’t even surprised about and made me smile. The Naked Eye is a heart turning adventure full of twists and situations you might not have seen coming or expected. Kendra had to use everything in her arsenal to go head-to-head with Colby and it was a battle that will only have one survivor. This is a book I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for The Naked Eye

How can you catch a killer when everyone thinks he's dead?

Kendra Michaels was instrumental in bringing serial killer Eric Colby to justice. And yet, despite his apparent execution at San Quentin, Kendra is convinced that Colby is still alive. The problem is that she can't prove it. Even her razor-sharp powers of observation-developed to an amazing capacity during the twenty years she spent blind and now in constant demand by law enforcement agencies-have gotten her nowhere.

But then a reporter who very publicly humiliated Kendra is murdered. Visiting the crime scene in search of anything that might link the brutal homicide to Colby, Kendra instead finds evidence that points to her. Finally Colby's master plan becomes clear to her: he is framing Kendra for murder.

Suspicions mount and Kendra is thrust into deadly pursuit to clear her name and catch the killer no one believes exists anymore. A killer who is always nearby, watching, waiting to make his next move, even as everyone believes him to be dead. A killer whose trail of destruction is invisible to the naked eye, despite the carnage he leaves in his wake. It will take everything Kendra has to find and stop Colby-and save her own life one more time.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 5.00