Storm Force

Lobster Cove

Storm Force was really short, about seven chapters. I got really caught in it and was kind of disappointed when it ended. I thought there should be more. It was kind of abrupt but the story and plot in general was good and the sex was great. Calla is a very strong and opinionated woman and doesn't take shit from anyone. Ross is very determined and not used to being told what to do. When he meets Calla he’s thrown for a loop and really just makes an ass of himself, especially when his sister comes by for an unexpected visit.

There is a clear story and both characters are dealing with things and asking the age old question, “Can you fall in love with someone at first sight?” I have to admit that I love Ross’s mother, she’s great and his family is interesting. His sister is not afraid to express herself either and I think that Ross just needs to get used to having strong women around him.

In all it was a fun read and they were both amusing in their own way. I’m not surprised that Ross figured out how he felt for Calla and did something about it, though it was unique and kind of messed up when you think about it but it worked out.

Book Blurb for Storm Force

When heavy weather throws arrogant lobsterman Ross Bennson up against Coastguard Surfman Calla Hutchins, the storm raging outside has nothing on the internal tempest stirring between the two. She's used to being in charge, and he's not keen on taking orders. Can they calm the furies that set them against each other, or will their destinies be blown off course?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50