Shattered Mirror

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Shattered Mirror

Eve Duncan

I always enjoy being in Eve’s world and seeing what she’s up to. In "Shattered Mirror" Eve and Cara are taken into a world where danger is at every turn and you don’t know who to trust until the very end. Not only do we get introduced to some new characters but some old ones add their faces in as well. Michael is adorable and I was glad to see more of him as well as Cara. Last I saw of her she was a child, now she’s an adult in college with a very interesting and funny roommate.

When her world collides with Eve’s work, things get interesting and they all will have to race against the clock to save and protect the people they love. Iris always has great villains in her books and Shattered Mirror was no exception. Norwalk was a great character for Eve and her crew to face off with. That still doesn’t mean I didn’t feel the urge to have him dead.

I kept coming back to "Shattered Mirror" when I had to step away and do things. I couldn't wait to dive back in and see what the crew was up to. "Shattered Mirror" is a great addition to the Eve Duncan series and I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Shattered Mirror

Iris Johansen returns with a thrilling novel of action and danger where fan favorite Eve Duncan is thrown once more into a deadly game of intrigue. It begins when Eve receives a package containing a skull—and instructions for Eve to do her work reconstructing it. When she does, a beautiful woman’s face emerges. But when Eve is introduced to the dead woman’s mirror image, a game is on where her twin’s life hangs in the balance.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50