Saved by the Sheriff

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Saved by the Sheriff

Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery

I tell you Lacy is a better person than I would have been in her situation. She could have easily told the sheriff where to shove it and never spoke to him again. Instead she chooses to help him discover who the real killer is. If I had been in her situation I definitely would have had some choice words for him. It might make me petty but I don’t think I could stand to be around him let alone help him do the job he should have done before. Putting an innocent person in prison is most people's worst nightmare. In this case the nightmare was front and center and happened to Lacy.

From the very first page of "Saved by the Sheriff" it was nonstop adrenaline pumping craziness and I loved every minute. You never knew what was going to happen and it kept me on edge. When Lacy was put in danger I screamed, cursed and cheered for her to persevere and beat the asshwolee who would dare to mess with her life after what she’s been through. Her mother is such an angel. Most people would have left but her mother was there for her and even picked her up from the prison. I can’t even imagine what they both went through the three years Lacy was incarcerated and I hope I never do. Lacy is strong and courageous.

Travis thought he was doing the right thing when he put Lacy away but I think he could have tried harder. Where was this determination and fact finding before Lacay went to prison? He's doing his own suffering and he should. His actions put an innocent person away for three years. Working with Lacy to figure out who the real killer of the crime Lacy was put away for, is the thing that will either break them or make them stronger.

Look for the next book in Cindi Myers' Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery mini series, "Avalanche of Trouble".

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You also get to read an excerpt from "SWAT Standoff" by: Lena Diaz which looks really interesting.

Book Blurb for Saved by the Sheriff

He’ll protect her back.

But will he win her heart?

Sheriff Travis Walker doesn’t blame Lacy Milligan for hating him—he jailed her for murder. But now he’s exonerated her, and the handsome lawman needs her to find the real killer. Will she overcome her hatred to help? As she relents, violence explodes—someone wants her dead. With time running out, their investigation deepens…and ignites sparks of attraction neither ever expected.

Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00